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Three-Wheeler Tyres
Light Pneumatic Tyres
4 Ply - 6 PR - 18,000 Km under standard conditions
2 Ply – 6 PR – 12,000 Km under standard conditions
AMW Three-Wheeler tyres are available in “EPIC” and “HiMiler” brands.
4 Ply - 6 PR - Prorate upto 18,000 Km Subject to T&C 2 Ply – 6 PR – Prorate upto 12,000 Km Subject to T&C
Other Information
Manufactured using time-tested formulas, our AMW Three-Wheeler tyres deliver the perfect balance between reliability and price. Our tyres offer consistent and reliable performance under various road and weather conditions that are essential for the smooth-running of this vehicle. AMW Three Wheeler tyres are available in “EPIC” and “HiMiler” brands.