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Custom Compounding & Mixing
AMW is the largest producer of custom rubber compounding, with an available capacity in excess of 3,000 MT per month. We offer flexible options to customers such as pre weighing of customer material to production using AMW sourced material, according to customer formulations. With our expertise in formulations, we also offer to develop the formulation for the customer in order to match customer’s specific application requirements. Our banbury type mixers can handle a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers and our laboratory facilities can carry out the full range of testing that are required for rubber compounds.

General Application compounds : AMW produces Master as well as Final stage compounds for our customers, catering to a wide range of industries such as tyre, industrial rubber products, retreading etc.

Special purpose compounds : Apart from the general purpose applications, AMW manufactures compound catering to specialty requirements such as technically specified rubber products and rubber components for oil and gas industry. These compounds are manufactured under extremely tight quality control in order to meet specifications with virtually zero parameter tolerance.