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Standard Range Solid Rubber Tires | AMW Sri Lanka
Standard Range
Resilient/POB/Soli-Trac Resilience
Industrial Solid Tyres
2000 Hours
Industrial Vehicles
SoliTrac carries an excellent price to performance ratio and is ideal for regular applications. With a factory warranty of 2000 hours, SoliTrac tyres offer good steering stability and lower fuel consumption.
Up to five years from the date of production.
Other Information
Soli Trac is the ideal tyre solution for medium scale warehouses to factories, as is it designed for medium to regular demanding applications. The prominent lug design, coupled with the optimum void ratio, offers excellent traction without compromising on fuel economy. Soli Trac tyres can be used in both indoors and outdoors. Soli Trac carries a warranty of 2,000 hours and is warranted up to five years from the date of production